• Working out is essential when on the HCG diet. You’re burning calories rather quickly

    while protecting muscle mass due to the HCG supplement and its regulatory effects on the

    body. (Imagine kissing that sweet tooth goodbye!) So why not reward yourself with a gym

    membership. Turning an exercise plan into a social outing can keep you more engaged in your

    plan for weight loss, but before you go out and sign on for a membership, you will need some

    essential items to take along—one of them being a sturdy washable gym bag. Here are some

    other important essentials:

    Clearance from your Doctor

    Before starting any workout program, especially if you have been sedentary for a long

    while, checking in with your healthcare provider would be a wise idea. Also, he or she can

    advise you as to what kind of intensity to start out with and if there might be some limitations.

    On the other hand, a doctor can also give guidance as to what kind of workout would facilitate

    healing and strength-building if you have been dealing with some health issues like arthritis or


    Comfy WorkoutFriendly Threads

    Any sort of cotton loose-fitting clothing would do for the occasion, and what you wear

    depends on the type of workout you’ll be doing as well as your comfort level. Remember,

    you’re primary purpose is to work out and not to put on a fashion show. Nonetheless, here are

    a few suggesons:

    Cotton t-shirt or tank top (Cotton is “breathable” material that won’t stick to your skin as

    you sweat.)

    Loose-fitting cotton shorts (material similar to what you would find in sweat pants)

    For exercise classes (Ladies), spandex shorts or yoga pants are quite comfortable and

    won’t crawl up as you work out. For more modesty, if wearing knee-length spandex, you

    can always pull on a pair of loose nylon shorts.

    A spandex or snug nylon top for yoga or Pilates classes.

    Cotton socks (best for gym shoes) or “gripper” socks if you take a class where shoes have

    to be removed; yet you don’t want to go barefoot.

    Comfortable AND fairly modest swimwear for lap swimming or water aerobics classes

    Water shoes (always a good idea for protecng the feet in an indoor pool area)

    A set of sweats for cooler weather or climates (or when the instructor turns the

    thermostat to subzero).


    A great pair of shoes with plenty of arch support are also a necessity. Whether or not you

    need a high top depends on the activity and how much ankle support that may require. And

    definitely remember to pack a towel to throw over weight benches or exercise balls.

    Along with comfortable workout attire, here are some odds and ends to make your

    workout experience more producve and enjoyable:

    A water bottle: Hydration is most important even if most gyms have fountains. Taking

    your own container is best.

    Favorite tunes downloaded: Music helps to set the pace when you’re on the treadmill or

    elliptical machine and makes your workout more entertaining.

    Workout Tracker or Log: You can use a small notepad or your electronic device, but

    keeping track of the duration and intensity of your workout will help maintain interest.

    Remember that you do not have to break the bank to obtain any of these items, and not

    all of them would be needed at once. (You can only fit so much in one gym bag.) Any of the

    gear mentioned above can be purchased online or at any department or sporting goods


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