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You Ask What Makes Thorn Fitness Personal Training Different?

The Intensity. The Championship Mentality. The Community of Team THORN and The Live 2 Win Positive Energy infused by Founder ALEX THORN. A Former Professional Wrestling Champion Who Understand’s The Rewards Of Hard Work & The Trials & Tribulation’s Of Battling Obesity From The Age Of 12. Thorn Fitness Is The Training That Transformed Thorn’s Body, His Mind & His Life. Thorn Fitness Is The Training That Transformed Thorn Fitness Sponsored Athlete and Trainer Iesha Wards Body After Pregnancy In As Little As 3 Month’s From 135Lbs To A Fit & Sculpted 111Lbs.

This Is Training That Will Teach You To Value The Only Thing You Truly Own. YOUR BODY! Join Team Thorn And Live 2 Win With Thorn Fitness. TRAIN LIKE A CHAMPION.

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