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“From the beginning you showed me I couldn’t see the change I wanted without discipline! You worked with me and always let me know as my trainer you had my best interest at heart. You helped me lose weight and get a much better shape than I was before I was pregnant! I appreciate you helping me become a better me!”
Iesha (Personal Trainer, Fitness Model)



“You gave me confidence that I had lost. I lost weight and i am shaping out well. I got back the vibe I had lost when it came to working out and caring about my health. You do have the best interest at heart. You’re not the type that would make someone cry coming in lol you always change the workouts and that’s probably why I liked coming in. Thank you. My friend is seriously wanting to come back when he returns from Florida. He said, “If Thorn made me sweat and almost hurl in 20 minutes alone! Imagine what he could do for me in an actual session for the long term.” Thank you.”
Aditi (Online Marketeer at J.S. Paluch Co, Inc)

“Training with you was a great experience.. Always pushed me to the max. Best part was the different work outs and the goals were realistic.”
Rafael (Musician)

“Training with you has made me realize truly……. How out of shape I’ve been! you’ve been teaching me techniques to not only build my body but also build my character….. I can now put my shoulders all the way back and not try to hide my chest! Thanks Alex! I look forward to another 3 months and hopefully my 4 pack!”
Justin (Manager at D’Noche Restaurant)

j side

“Alex Thorn training me was short but good for the time being… he showed me dedication and determination…This man really know what he’s doing… If there was any trainer in this world I would want to push me it would Alex Thorn”
Dominique (Specialist at GameStop)

“I Remember my THORN FITNESS 12 week workout experience and it was a very challenging mission which I was determined to see through and was happy that i did, It lifted my spirit and fueled my determination for striving to better myself!”
Dante DVS (Professional Wrestler)


“I love training with you man, cause you push me to my limits without being a dick always so positive and I think that’s awesome, and I’ve learned many techniques and routines and I deff. Saw improvement in my body.”
Cristian (Hair Dresser at Kelly Cardenas Paul Mitchell Salon)

“Love how all the workouts he puts me through r different but they work wonders on my muscles. I have to say I like the feeling of having pain the next day and feeling the burn while working out. Thx again Alex Thorn for you’re training skills. Definitely recommend you to anybody who is looking for a real trainer.”
David (Owner at Shade’s Computer Repairs)


“Your dedication and faith in me helped me have the faith in myself. I learned how to eat to train by myself. And you helped me learn that hard work pays off. #TeamThorn”
Venesia (Medical Assistant)

“Alex you are a motivator. You kept pushing me and making me want to do more. I cant thank you enough for believing me and being supportive and continuously being helpful. You are a good friend and trainer.”
Antonia (Payroll & Benefits Specialist at Heartland Care)